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Support via email is available by sending a message to the following address: csi [at] iwispr.net

Speed Testing

An internet speed test isn't 100% accurate (i.e. There could be possible network issues on the route to the datacenter where the test server is located) but a speedtest does provide a very good baseline when looking for potential connection problems. To ensure the most accurate reading please consult the guidelines below.

1. Test your connection speed on this page with ALL other tabs, windows and applications closed.
2. Bypass your router and have your computer connected DIRECTLY to our radio modem.
3. If giving this information to an iWispr CSR/Technician please make note of the time and date the test was performed.

The testing software is entirely on our network so it will eliminate possible external issues. Bypassing the router will eliminate the possiblity of delays caused by bad router and/or other computers that may be transmitting data without you being aware.

Speedtest.net Mini requires at least version 8 of Flash. Please update your client.

Internet General Troubleshooting

We log performance on every network component in our system. If you experience an issue give our customer support specialists a call and we will be glad to assist you in resolving any issues you have.

Most issues can be resolved by power cycling (unplugging) the motorola power adapter as well as your router. This will force a reconnect with our system and will usually fix most transient problems.

Internet Router Configuration

We can not offer extended support for router issues or configuration. Most routers work fine out of the box with no additional configuration. Our system automatically issues (dynamically assigns) the proper IP addresses.

Router Problems:

Here is support links for common router manufactures.


Antivirus & Antispyware Software

Many connectivity and bandwidth problems are caused by viruses and spyware. We recommend the following antivirus antispyware packages. You need to update your antivirus/antispyware programs regularly.

Malware Bytes - Best for cleaning up computers already infected.

AVG Free Antivirus for ongoing protection

VoIP Issues

Most VoIP issues (such as dropped calls, no audio, not ringing) can be solved by changing settings in your router.

1. Assign a static IP (Static DHCP option) to your VoIP adapter in your router. (Do this in your router using the Static DHCP option. Enter the mac address and IP address you wish to assign).

2. Enable port forwarding and forward the following port ranges to the new static IP. Make sure you forward the entire range and not just the first and last ports.

5004 - 65000 (UDP)

3. If your router has a SIP ALG option, disable this function.

4. Restart both the router and VoIP box. Wait 5 minutes for the device to register with the service.

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