Providing Fixed Wireless Solutions in Gordon, Bartow and Haralson Counties and Many Surrounding Areas.

About Us

iWispr is a locally owned and operated company that has been providing fixed wireless internet service in the Gordon County area for 20 years. We now also service areas surrounding Bartow and Haralson Counties.

  • We use our own infrastructure, no existing telephone or cable networks needed
  • Knowledgable local support staff
  • Straightforward pricing plans without having to sign a contract!

At iWispr we are very much like a family. The majority of our employees have been with the company for over 15 years.

The staff at iWispr are dedicated to putting the customer FIRST!

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Our main focus is providing secure and reliable internet to your home or office but we also provide various forms of IT support.

iWispr also sells new and refurbished computing equipment, as well as offering both on-site and in-house repairs and maintenance.

Finally, if you are not sold on streaming all your entertainment from the internet, we also sell and service DISH network equipment.

Internet Service

Providing fixed wireless solutions in Gordon, Bartow and Haralson Counties and many surrounding areas.

IT Sales and Service

We provide IT services for small businesses in the Gordon County area including equipment repair, software updates and IT consulting.

DISH Network

We are an authorized Dish Network reseller. If you are interested in installing Dish Network, call us today!

Call us today to schedule an installation! 706-625-5907

Choose your plan and give us a call! Make sure you ask our staff about any promotional offers that might be available.


These are our standard data plans, the download speed listed is the typical maximum you can expect. Upload speed varies but is typically 1-2M and is considered best effort.

If you have higher download/upload speed requirements we can quote you a price based on availability in your area.

Installation is a one time fee of $100 on all of our standard plans.

Flat 30

$30per month

  • $100 Installation
  • 1M Download
  • Economy Plan
  • No Data Caps
  • Streaming
  • Multiuser Home
  • Gaming

Flat 50

$50per month

  • $100 Installation
  • 3M Download
  • No Data Caps
  • Single User Streaming
  • Multiuser Home
  • Gaming

Flat 100

$100per month

  • $100 Installation
  • 10M Download
  • No Data Caps
  • Multiple HD Streaming
  • Multiuser Home
  • Gaming

Flat 125

$125per month

  • $100 Installation
  • 15M Download
  • No Data Caps
  • Better Streaming
  • Multiuser Home
  • Gaming

Flat 150

$150per month

  • $100 Installation
  • 25M Download
  • No Data Caps
  • 4k Streaming
  • Multiuser Home
  • Gaming

A router is required for service. iWispr can provide this device or you can use your own. Starting at $8 a month we will provide installation, configuration, maintenance and management of the router. Routers are a common failure point. With this plan we can reduce the worry and expense of router replacement, testing and upgrades.

Basic Gen3

$8per month

  • WIFI5
  • Basic Coverage
  • Remote Monitoring
  • NO COST replacement
  • Firmware Updates


$20per month

  • 2 x 5GHz/2.4GHz Tri-Band
  • Best Coverage
  • Remote Monitoring
  • NO COST replacement
  • Firmware Updates

* To avoid monthly rental, you can purchase the BASIC GEN3 ROUTER ($100), DELUXE GEN3 ROUTER ($125) or the AUDIENCE ROUTER ($250). If you supply your own router, replacement, remote assistance, monitoring or maintenance will not be available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Support issues are best handled by calling our office. If you call after hours, please leave a message and a support technician will call you back ASAP. If your issue doesn't require immediate attention, you can also send us an email using the form below.

  • My internet is down, is there anything I can check on my end?

    Many issues can be solved by power cycling both the indoor router and the radio that is mounted outside your home. It's best not to disconnect any cables, but simply unplug them from the power outlet for 30 seconds before plugging them back up. You will want to wait 5 minutes and see if service is restored.

  • This is NOT usually a good idea. Your router contains authentication data that is required to reconnect to our network. Do NOT factory default unless you are certain you have this information as well as the know-how to reconfigure the device.

  • Globally IPV4 addresses are getting very scarce. We recommend using a dynamic DNS service for most remote access situations. If you are renting one of our routers, we can provide you with a dynamic DNS address for no charge. If you do need an IPV4 static address (/30 and /29 networks have limited availability), call the office to check for the current price and availability.

  • Yes, we prefer it! If you need your login information for our payment portal, please call the office and they can be provided to you.

  • The payment portal is periodically taken down temporarily for maintenance, but access issues are usually due to customers trying to access the system from outside our network. For additional security, we only allow payment portal access to customers who are currently connected to our network. Make sure you are at home and connected to your wifi if you have trouble with portal access.


Contact us if you need more information or to schedule an installation!


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